Kester Thomas is a cozy Champagne & Cocktail bar in the heart of Copenhagen. The venue itself is intended as a tribute to a famous bartender – Kester Thomaswho developed his whole career in London. The English capital represents tradition and cradle of hospitality, leading craftsmanship and innovative approach to service and bartending.

Unfortunately, Kester Thomas passed away in 2013, but that legacy and passion for hospitality still remain intact and alive behind every drink served in this venue.

In here, you will find every element that any place should have to be considered, in Danish terms, as hygge: Intimate atmosphere, low light, and a charming decoration. You will notice this especially upstairs, where you will have the feeling that the place should not have looked much different back in the 19th century. Piles of books, paintings, candles and the crackling of the fireplace during the Danish cold winter will offer you the perfect environment to enjoy a beverage in good company.

To accompany your cozy experience, Soul Jazz & Modern Jazz music tunes are carefully selected to create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere. Our “Champagne & Cocktails” concept is offering a large selection of champagne by the glass or by the bottle, serving champagne cocktails and seasonal cocktails to enjoy with good company!


Kester Thomas operates on a walk-in basis, but table reservations are always required for larger group. Please be aware that we have a minimum spend policy for larger group than 10 people. Please send us an email for booking with the date and time expected at hello@kesterthomas.com.

We will always confirm your booking by e-mail and your table is not reserved until we have spoken to you. Unless you inform us that you are running late for your booking, we will, unfortunately, have to release your table for other guests thirty minutes after your reservation time.


Kester Thomas offers a wide range of custom events like champagne tastings, cocktail making classes, live jazz music and great after work deals. You can also book us for private parties. Learn more about our events on the following links:


Booking Events

Live Jazz Music
Champagne Tasting
Champagne Experience
Cocktail Making Class
Private Party 



Kester Thomas has champagne, wine, cheese plate, bar snacks, champagne cocktails and our own cocktail creations on the menu.

All our cocktails are created to utilise the wonderful flavour of grape!

See our Cocktail, Wine and Champagne Menu


Opening Hours

Wednesday - Thursday
18.00 - 00.00

16.00 - 02.00

18.00 - 02.00